A Thought For Your Christian Journey:



Acts 27.13-15 And when the south wind blew softly , supposing that they had obtained [their] purpose , loosing [thence], they sailed close by Crete .  14 But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind , called Euroclydon .  15 And when the ship was caught , and could not bear up into the wind , we let [her] drive  

Today's devotional thought was inspired last Sunday  Evening when I watched the late Rev. Jerry Falwell preach his message, "The Indestructible Man of God."  Through this title one realizes that the messages theme was that as long as God's purpose for a Christian is unfulfilled and that Christian is striving to accomplish God's purposes in his or her life, they are supernaturally indestructible. 

Now, this does not allow a Christian to act foolishly by doing rediculous things.  We must not tempt the Lord our God.  But it should give every Christian a sense of security and hope no matter what comes their way in the course of accomplishing God purposes for their life. 

Yet notice this Euroclydon that arose while the Apsotle Paul was in the midst of fulfilling God's purposes for his life.  Paul is helplessly captive on this ship being taken to Rome in bonds in fulfillment of God's revealed will for him.  They set sail and then all of a sudden Euroclydon, a terrible and destructive storm arises.  That is how it is for many of us as Christians, things are going along smoothly when all of a sudden the phone rings, an eamil arrives, and some tragedy occurs and its Eurocyldon in our lives. 

As we think of this Eurclydon consider: 

  1. The Suddenness of the Storm.  It just arose out no where.  There was no warning.  The storm came so quickly that there was nothing anyone could do.  That's how many storms arrive in our physical and spiritual lives.
  1. The Severity of the Storm.  This storm was so bad that everyones lives we considered to be in peril.  Everyone thought they were going to die.  It was so bad that they threw everything that was once considered valuable over board.  Trials in our lives have a way of revealing what really matters in life.
  1. The Senselessness of the Storm.  Here is Paul, whom God has said must go to Rome, and then all of a sudden here is this storm.  Paul wasn't rebelling against God, He was doing just what God had asked him to do.  Yet, here is Eurclydon.  It is actually rare for a mere mortal to understand the unsearchable ways of God. 
  1. The Steadfastness in the midst of the Storm.  Notice that Paul did not allow this strom to throw him.  He knew that our never changing God would bear him to Rome one way or another.  Why?  Because God had already said that he must go to Rome

My dear brother or sister in Christ, don’t let the Eurclydon's of your life's journey throw you.  Find God's purpose for your life.  Seek it with fasting and prayer.  Then give yourself obediently and sacrificially to that divine calling, and be steadfast in all of those stroms that come your way.  Place your faith in God's revealed Word and will and not in the circumstances and situations of mortal Eurcyldon's.

 Thank you Rev. Falwell.

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