A Thought For Your Christian Journey:


Life’s Heavy Burdens

Galatians 6.2

 Dear Pastor Walt,

 I have been awake for some time thinking and praying.  Praying about the things that are going on within my family.  I know you are aware that I have a lot on my plate right now, but I am also sure that you aren't aware of just how much I am hurting over recent events within my family.  I have been searching my soul, not to mention my memory to try to figure out what exactly is going on and I have enlisted the help of the Holy Spirit in my quest for answers. Every time I pray lately I seem to end up in tears.

 The burden on my heart for my children and for my husband is so heavy right now that at times I feel like it is a load too heavy to bear.  Yes, Pastor I do realize that when the burden gets too heavy that we are to lay it down and let the Lord carry it.  I am trying to do just that, but as often happens in life, when we lay down one burden another seems to rear its ugly head.  I feel so totally alone and isolated at times Pastor and with no one to talk to, no one to share my concerns with, I feel all the more alone.

 My husband’s health is getting worse, the doctor has ordered oxygen for him, so now we have this oxygen machine here and I have had a time getting my husband to agree to use it. In some ways he is still in denial about his health and fights not only me but his doctors on the agreed upon needed medical care.  I understand that he wants to remain as independent as he can for as long as he can, but I also understand the consequences if he fails to listen to those who are medically qualified to treat him, namely his doctors.  At times he is very childlike and very clingy and at others my hair could be on fire and he wouldn't notice.  He has been having a very difficult time walking here lately and refuses to use his walker, even though he needs it.  Is this just a pride thing or a male thing?  I really don't know which it is, perhaps a little of both.   

Then there is the situation with one of my daughters, which came out of the blue and caught me totally surprised by.  I can't even get her to speak to me so we can sort out whatever the problem is. To top it off my other daughter had a relapse, last night, and is waiting for a room to open up so she can be readmitted to the hospital, so my grandson will be living with us again, for how long I am not sure.  

As if all of these concerns weren't enough, my car is messing up and I really need to get Alan to Terre Haute to see the doctor as his recent surgery is all inflamed again and causing him excruciating pain. I just don't trust my car to take it out of town right now and our finances for this month are very tight.  

This is what I am talking about, when I had decided it was best to put the situation with my daughter into Gods hands new concerns pop up. I just feel like I am under attack 24/7.  Won't you PLEASE pray with me for the Lords grace and renewed strength to get through all of these things.  I am heavy laden Pastor, my concerns for all those that I love run very deep, still I won't give into worry, but do seek help.  I need all the prayers you can muster up.  I guess I just need encouragement that I can get through all of this.  The hardest part is watching my husband change from a healthy vital man into a man in need of assistance with the basic every day things that we all seem to take for granted, like dressing ourselves for instance.  He doesn't always need my help in this area but he needs my help more and more often.  His cognitive reasoning is getting worse too, he becomes disorientated more often, even at home.  It's scary stuff to watch. 

I apologize for once again dumping all of this stuff on you. I got to go as I can't see past my tears.  Thanks for listening and for caring. 



Dear Sister,

 I do understand what you have described about burdens, and I have and will pray fervently for you.  Life’s burdens just seem to keep coming and piling up one upon another.  Often we feel that there are just way too many of them, and we wonder if we can really bear up under them all. 

 Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have absolutely no burdens at all, and, after some brief reflection, I realize that life and love are all about burdens.  Those who seem to have no burdens generally have no companions or compassion.  Those who seem to be care free in life are usually those who are lonely in the end.  Burdens are a part of life, and those who are burdened are those who love and through love we find that we are alive.

I have heard many testimonies in my life of people who had incredible circumstances thrust upon them, who found themselves under incredibly heavy burdens or became burdens for those they love.  In the end, most of them have said, while they did not wish for the burden, they would not have avoided it if they could have, in hindsight.  Why?  Because burdens reveal the depth and strength of our love toward one another.

 I think of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane just before His death.  He came under such burden that the Bible records that He began to sweat great drops of blood (Luke 22.44).  The whole burden of my sin, your sin, and the sin of every person who has ever or ever would live was thrust upon Him.  But He endured and bore that unfathomable burden all the way to Calvary's cross.  Why?  Because Jesus loves us.  It is that enduring love that brought us to our Savior and led to our surrender and salvation.

 What should you do about your daughter, who won’t even talk to you?  Love her, and let her know that you will bear the burden of her discontent no matter what.  Why?  Because you can do nothing less.  What should you do about other daughter and grandson, bear their burden, and love them, as you already know you will.  Why, because you can do nothing less?  What should you do with these heavy burdens, pray for the strength to carry them, and thank God that you are able to express your love to those whose burdens you are privileged to carry.  What does they Bible say: 

Galatians 6:2 Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.    

Hence burdens are the privilege of our love in life.  God bless you as you express your love by carrying their burdens.



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