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Dr. Walter D. Huyck Jr. D.Min.

When Christ Enters In

A Confidence To Hold

1 John 3.18-24 

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[So far in 1 John we have discovered that there is:]

        [A Conversion To Choose – To be a Christian one must be born again, saved.]

        [A Communion To Cherish – Sweet Fellowship with God and Christians]

        [A Cleansing to Receive – The Amazing Forgiveness of God.  The cleansing blood of Christ.]

        [A Commandment To Keep – The Honor of Obeying Our Lord!]

        [A Compassion To Develop – His Unconditional and Incomprehensible Love in us.]

        [A Character to Develop – To develop and live out the Character of our Lord Jesus Christ in our world.  This is to master this Christian life.]

        [A Compassion To Show – We will live out the Love of Christ in our daily lives.]

[Our text now turns to an incredibly revealing reality for every born again believer.  The work of the presence of God in our heart and life.  You might call this the work of the Holy Spirit within us.  Others may call this the work of the presence of Christ within us.  All are correct and are the same basic thing.  This is the work of God within the born again believer.  This work is spiritual, it is real, and dynamic.] 

[A great book for Christians to read is “The Spiritual Man” by Watchman Nee.  This book speaks of the Spiritual Life every Christian ought to live out, and the things we Christians often substitute for this Spiritual Life.] 

[You MUST understand that the lost world around us can never know the spiritual reality of a true relationship with God.  Only born again Christians can know a true spiritual relationship with God.  There are many in our world who are religious, call themselves Christian and yet are not truly saved and cannot know a true spiritual connection to God.  They can have spiritual experiences for there are many spirits at work in our world.  For this reason the Word of God states,] 

[1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. ]

[Folks, the devil and his demons will try to convince you that they are God’s agents and will try to deceive you with great spiritual and emotional power.  Therefore, we must be careful that we are experiencing, hearing, and responding to only the Holy Spirit of God; which really isn’t that difficult to do.] 

[The truth of our text is that God made us to be physical, emotional, and spiritual beings and as born again Christians we need to respond to the Holy Spirit of God who is within us.] 

 The Spiritual Man Lost

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The Spiritual Man Saved

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[If you want to have confidence in your spiritual walk and in your salvation, then you need to grow spiritually and develop your spiritual walk.  There is no greater spiritual confidence for a Christian than to have a real communion with their Lord Jesus Christ.] 

[Notice in our text,]

 A.     Our Spiritual Connection (vs 20, 24) [– For if our heart condemn us, . . .] 

[1 John 3:24 And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.]

[To fully comprehend this text we need to know a little bit about who we are Body, Soul, and Spirit.  God created all of us with a Body, Soul, and Spirit.] 

[Spiritual Man Chart – The Lost Man] 

        [Body – Our Physical Body]

        [Soul – Is our life entity.  Our Soul consists of our Volition/Will, Mind/Knowledge, and our Emotions.

        [Spirit – Is our capacity for fellowship with the spiritual realm.  Our spirit was meant to give us communion with God.] 

[For the Lost Man – The Soul, Spirit, and Body all exist below the mortal plane.  The spirit of the individual is often misunderstood and is often thought of the same way as one’s soul.  In most people, there is little communion with the spirit, and the spirit seems like the same thing as one’s soul.  The Holy Spirit reaches beyond the mortal plane to prick the hearts of men that they might come to God and be saved and eternally transformed.] 

[For the Saved/Born Again Believer – The Spirit is Quickened, or made alive/brought to life, and has the potential of sweet communion with God.  It is our spirit that arises to know the presence of our Lord within us.   Not all Born again Christians realize the reality of what has happened in them at the moment of their salvation and in their minds they respond to their new spiritual life as they did in their lost condition and have no real communion with God; These are carnal Christians.  However, every Christian has the potential to be in full communion with our Lord Jesus Christ and to rise up into this new spiritual reality.] 

[What a glorious and vibrant spiritual life we live when we are in sweet spiritual communion with our Lord Jesus Christ.] 

[About our Spiritual Communion,] 

1.     The Core of Spiritual Communion (vs 20) [For if our heart. . . -  Spiritual Communion with our Lord takes place in the heart.  It is not a physical, audible connection.  This spiritual connection is referred to in the Bible as A Still Small Voice (1 Kings 19.12).  While it is a still small voice, because it is the voice of God, it is an overpowering, all-encompassing voice.  Communion with God takes place in the heart of the Christian.]  

[Because this Spiritual Communion takes place in the heart it can easily be,] 

        [Ignored – When God speaks to you in your intuition, many do not realize that they are being touched in their spirit by God and will block out that glorious communion.  I think many just do not know what to think of do with spiritual communion.  It’s so mysterious and to the lost natural world seems psychological or crazy.]

        [Rejected – Others hear God speak to them in their spirit and because God is pointing out something that He wishes for His child to change in their life, through conviction, they choose to reject the spiritual direction they are receiving and break off their communion with their Lord.]

        [Obeyed – Obedience to the Spiritual voice of God within a Child of God brings glorious fellowship with God and growing spirituality within the Christian.]

2.     The Conviction of Spiritual Communion (vs 20) [- For if our heart condemn us, . . . – Clearly, spiritual communion with God will bring deep conviction within the heart of the born again Christian; especially when this connection is first established.]


        [Because a new relationship with a Holy God has been established.  Many Christians, especially when they are first saved, come under deep conviction and don’t really know what to do with this deep conviction or how to respond to it.  They will feel very low and unworthy of God and will often begin to draw back and remove themselves from this communion with God.]

[You need to understand that God is not trying to drive you away from Him, He is trying to draw you closer to Him.  Our Lord Jesus Christ wants to have a sweeter, growing communion with you and there is nothing in this world better than a deep spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.]

[This conviction is the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ working in your spirit.]

        [Many people who have been Christians for a long time will feel conviction, but because they did not know what this conviction was when they first experienced it and did not know how to respond to such conviction they block it out.  How should we respond to the work of God in our heart and spirit?  With surrender and rejoicing.  If God is bringing conviction in your spirit, my friend this is a wonderful thing.  For God is molding you and growing you.

3.     The Confidence of Spiritual Communion (vs 20-21) [– For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things. 21 Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God. – Christian if you will realize that the conviction that you feel in your heart is God working through the communion that you have with Him in your Spirit, and if you will place your trust in God that whatever He is doing in you and through you will be GOOD and GLORIOUS and will surrender to God’s work in you, then you will overcome that conviction with GREAT SPIRITUAL CONFIDENCE.]

[Now, what do you want to experience in your spiritual walk?  Conviction or Confidence?]

[Of course the answer is confidence!] 

[No one wants to live their life under constant conviction.  God does not what constant conviction to reign in your life.]

[What do you think would bring conviction into your life?  Rebellion or the rejection of God’s work in you will bring God’s constant conviction into your life.]

[So, what must a Christian do to move from conviction to confidence?] 

        [We must recognize God’s love in His conviction – God loves us enough to be working in us and on us.]

        [We must trust God’s wisdom in His conviction – Our loving Lord knows what is really best for us.]

        [We must surrender to God’s will in His conviction – Allowing ourselves to be transformed for God’s glory.]

[Illustration - There was a woman who attended Church here for a long period of time.  One Sunday she just stopped attending.  Folks from the Church tried to contact her to no avail.  I, the pastor, tried to visit her numerous times; she would not answer her door.  Finally, a lady in the Church told me she stopped coming to Church because she felt deeply convicted every time she left our services.  I believe, she simply did not understand how the Spirit of God works in our hearts and spirit.]

[Folks, deep Spiritual conviction is meant to bring transformation and great confidence into the life of a born again Christian.]

[A lost person coming to Church will often feel deep spiritual conviction.  That conviction is meant to bring them to the new birth and salvation.]

[The principle of our text is Born again Christians have a Spiritual Communion with our Lord Jesus Christ.] 

B.     Our Spiritual Communication (vs 22) [– And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.  – What do Christians call spiritual communication with God?  We call it PRAYER!  Because we are born again, and have a new Spiritual Communion with God we also have the unique privilege of being able to communicate with God.  We can and must pray.] 

[Also, if we have come to realize that the conviction we experience in our Spirit is our loving Lord at work within us, and we have learned to trust and yield to His glorious work with in us, we will have great power and success in our prayers.  Notice, our text says] 

[And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, . . .]  

[Christian, how is your prayer life?  How is your success in prayer?] 

[The reason many Christian don’t have much success in prayer is because they mistakenly think that prayer is our way of getting what we want from God.  This is wrong.] 

[Notice in our text that before we begin asking we must be in touch with the Spirit of God who is in us.] 

[The greatest truth about prayer is that we must first get in touch with heaven, discover what the God who is the Lord of all creation wants, and then pray back to Him what His will is already.] 

[If we are spiritually in touch with God, and know what His will is, then we can ask our Lord to do what He already intends to do with great confidence.] 

C.     Our Spiritual Commitment (vs 22-24) [- And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. 23And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment. 24 And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. . . . – A child of God who is truly in touch with God will completely desire to obey God.  A spiritual Christian will have no problem obeying God.  There may be times when we are not sure what God’s will is and must wait for our Lord to make His will clearly known.  Regardless a spiritual Christian will want to obey God.] 

[Secondly, our text is telling us that we will know that we truly dwell in our Lord and He dwells in us because of our desire to obey him.] 

[A person that can easily find every reason why he should enter into sin, reveals that the Lord who is repulsed by sin is not in him at all.] 

D.     Our Spiritual Conclusion (vs 24) [– . . . And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.  – Folks, if you want to know that you know that you really belong to the Lord Jesus Christ you just need to ask yourself whether or not you know the sweet communion of the Lord Jesus Christ in your Spirit.  If the Holy Spirit of God is in you and at work, then you know you belong to our Lord Jesus Christ.]  



These are well done and interesting pictorials of the above charts drawn by one of the young adults in our Church.

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