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God’s Three Deadlines

By Dr. J. Harold Smith

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[God’s Three Deadlines – Dr. J. Harold Smith – Only lost souls can cross deadlines one and two, a saint cannot cross those.  The third deadline can only be cross by a member of the family of God, a true born again believer.  

(1)   Blaspheming the Holy Ghost or committing the unpardonable sin (Matt 12.31-32; Luke 12.10; Num 16.29-34) – All that Jesus did He did by the power of the Holy Spirit, when Jesus healed a man by the power of the Holy Spirit.  When the Pharisees said Jesus healed by the power of Satan they blasphemed and denied the power of the Holy Spirit.  Murder is forgivable, mass murder is forgivable, insane murder is forgivable, but blaspheming the Holy Spirit is not forgivable.  This is denying the powerful activity of the Holy Spirit among men. 

(2)   Sinning away your Day of Grace (Prov 29.1; Gen 6.3; John 12.38-40; 6.44) – These are those who are friends of the pastor, they attend Church, they know their Bible, but they are not saved.  These are those in powerful Churches who do not know Christ.  These are greatly evidenced by a lack of appetite for the things of God and the Word of God.  These are those who refuse to accept the invitation of the Holy Spirit of God when it is given. 

(3)   The Sin unto Death (1 John 5.16; Amos 4.6-12;Eph 4.30; 1 Cor 5.5) – God knows everything about each and every one of us.  God knows if there is a little hidden pet sin in your heart, God sees it, and we cannot hide it.  If you are a born again believer and God sees that sin it grieves Him.  We ought never to grieve the Holy Spirit.  Born Again Christians are saved forever, but if sin gets in our heart and we refuse to confess it, God’s says to Satan “take him.”




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