Outline and Audio Sermons:
Dr. Walter D. Huyck Jr. D.Min.

How To Use These Outlines

These audio sermons and outlines are posted on This Christian Journey to help equip the people of our Lord Jesus Christ for their ministry in our Lord's Kingdom.  These studies will help equip the people of our Lord by,

  1. Providing solid fundamental Bible studies that will help each individual know what they believe based on the inerrant Word of God.

  2. Providing a teaching and discipling tool that will assist our Lord's people in teaching, and preaching the Word God to others.

The outlines posted on this site are formatted to maximize their usefulness in various teaching and discipleship settings. 

The Unedited Outline and Audio Sermon are presented to help a teacher, preacher, or mentor prepare to teach a subject by helping them to gain a fuller knowledge of the subject through these resources.  There will likely be more quality information provided then can be taught in a single class session, so the preacher/teacher may have to choose those elements that will help their class the most.

Power Point Presentations are made easy through the formatting of these outlines.  You will quickly notice [bracketed] text throughout these outlines.  This is employed to make power point presentations quick and accurate.  Since learning and retention is exponentially increased by adding visual impact to ones learning process, Pastor Walt always uses power points and other appropriate visual aids to help bring retention to his sermons, teaching and discipleship.  Power Point presentations are an important element that helps people remember what they have been taught.  To turn these outlines into a quick and accurate power point presentation, after you have printed the unedited outline for the preachers/teachers use, delete all the bracketed text.  What is left is a set of text the will be appropriate for a good power point presentation.  Cut and past this text into a power point and set it up so each point appears separately.  At CrossRoads Baptist Church we also print a copy of this Power Point text for our presentation man so he knows what the next power point element is and can bring up that element at the appropriate point in the message (when Pastor Walt proclaims the point in the message).

Learner Outlines which cause the student to actually become involved in the sermon or class by writing important information down will increase retention even more.  Therefore, take the next step and turn this Power Point Presentation into an outline with empty blanks and spaces for students to fill in and take important notes.  To do this merely replace underscored words with empty blanks and place the outline on the back of your Church bulletin for print the outline on a piece of paper for your students to use.  Then teach students to take sermon and lesson notes to help them remember what they have been taught.

The goal of all preaching, teaching, and ministry in the Church is to equip God's people for the work of our Lord's ministry.  For far too long God's people have come to Church, Sunday School, and Bible Study just to walk away and forget what they have been taught from the life changing Word of God.  Pastors and teachers must use everything that they have available to them to help prepare our Lord's People to retain what they have been taught and empower them to pass on their faith to the lost around them and the next generation that will relieve them. 

Every born again believer must be taught to learn in a way that will equip them to teach others whether through preaching, teaching or one-on-one mentoring.  One never knows when God will task them with building another person for the sake of our Lord's glorious and eternal Kingdom.  It is our hope that these studies and outlines will help you to be as effective as possible as you strive to grow our Lord's People.



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