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Bible Study Materials

For New Christians

I now assume that you have established a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you have been Born Again.  Soon you will face some of your greatest challenges and, if you persist, you will experience some of your richest spiritual moments.  In this page you will find a number of Bible studies designed just for you.  Print them out and then take some time studying them.  Remember, I am not trying to lead you into a religion.  Instead I will attempt to guide you to strengthen the relationship that you have just established with Jesus Christ. 

This study is best completed in a discipleship setting, which is for a New Christian to study this series with a more experienced Christian.  Discipleship, or mentoring is modeled in the Bible and stimulates spiritual growth .

God bless you as you learn to walk in the wonder of His grace. Picture

New Christians Study - Week One
New Christians Study - Week Two
New Christians Study - Week Three

New Christians Study - Week Four
New Christians Study - Week Five
New Christians Study - Devotional Guide


Spiritual Journal Printable Pages

Download these journal Guides to print and use as a Spiritual Journal, or download to MS Word version to use on your computer.

PDF Format

Word Format - Large Files

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